Generally a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or ‘not-for-profit’ or even ‘civil society’ is broadly understood to be a well-structured autonomous social body free of government control that works in various ways to nurture and uphold the well-being of all people, protect their constitutionally guaranteed rights, liberties and freedoms and fight against social unfairness and discriminations. Such NGOs are vital to democracy as they help people in the processes of being duly informed and developing an apt perspective regarding the governance of their countries, of communicating effectively with leaders about their needs and aspirations and of making administrators accountable enough not to abuse their powers.

As Pratichi is a prominent and credible non-profit NGO, publications constitute the most important vehicle for it to reach out to people with the intention of disseminating, discussing and arguing about all that we stand for, our commitments, our points of view, our research findings and analyses. The results of our action-based-research as well as the value of the research-related social activities that we undertake vis-à-vis people’s well-being are made available to the public via research reports, academic papers, symposium accounts, workshop narratives and event records which we publish consistently. We also come out with relevant booklets, pamphlets and even children’s magazines from time to time. In order to influence public opinion, policy-makers, government priorities and public policy – members of the Pratichi team regularly publish papers and articles on various topics related to our core areas of interest and expertise, in reputed journals, periodicals and newspapers.