Pratichi Annual Workshops

The Annual Workshop is one of the most important events in the yearly calendar of Pratichi. The first of these workshops started in 2002. Almost every year thereafter – unless there was some compelling reason for this workshop not to happen – it has been conducted. This symposium organised in Santiniketan focuses on facilitating meaningful discussions regarding a specific theme relating to at least one of the main thrust areas of the Trust’s work – school education, elementary healthcare, gender equity and people’s democratic rights. This event has become a regular occasion for health workers, doctors, school-teachers, anganwadi staff from all over the state, noted academics, scholars, researchers, media persons, other members of civil society, government functionaries and development activists to congregate and deliberate on important issues pertaining to  human development – often providing the appropriate direction for future projects of Pratichi. 

Themes of Annual Workshops

2020: The Future of the Girl Child in India

2019: Contribution of Health and Education Workers to Progress in Healthcare 

2016: Half a decade of RTE: How far are we from the goalpost? 

2015: Child Health: Many Paths, Many Views, Many Goals

2014: Education and Public Health 

2013: Quality of Teaching: Ideas and Reality 

2012: Innovations in School-teaching 

2011: Girls’ Education: Experiences and Challenges 

2010: Right to Education: Legislation and Our Moral Commitments 

2009: Syllabus, Teaching-Learning, and the Mid-day Meal Programme 

2008: Quality of Children’s Education and Public Initiatives

2007: Child Education and Health: Public Initiatives 

2006: Integrating Primary Schooling with Children’s Healthcare

2005: Primary Education, Public Health and Development

2004: Role of Parents & Teachers in the Governance of Primary Schools & Mid-day Meal Programme 

2003: Role of Parents & Teachers in the Delivery of Primary Education: Dumka, Jharkhand 

2002: The Role of Parents & Teachers in the Delivery of Primary Education